Follow the Photography sessions of Jennifer Chastain

Follow the Photography sessions of Jennifer Chastain

All photos © Jennifer Chastain

Monthly Sibling Session Giveaways

In light of recent events that have happened to me personally, I would like to reach out to all the siblings out there.
Chastain Photography will be giving away 2 FREE sessions PER month to siblings.
While you may fight like cats and dogs, or be BFF's, getting photos of you and your sister(s) and/or brother(s) may not be a priority right now. But, fast forward to that time when you don't have the option to have those photos taken and you will regret not having them.
SO, how do you enter for these free sessions and what do they include?
Entering is easy!
Drop a quick email to Chastain Photography at and nominate yourself, a friend or family member for a session. Please include your contact information, as well as the contact information for the person you are nominating, and a brief description of WHY you and your sibling(s) should be chosen! We would greatly appreciate it if you like our Facebook page, but it is not necessary to be entered to win.
You will receive a FREE Premium Photo Session and an 8x10 for each sibling.
Our first winners will be selected May 1!!
Good Luck!!
*If you reside out of the South Texas area, please contact us before entering to win. We do not object to those not in the area entering, but understand that it may be a while/never before we make it to your area to provide you with your session. Thank you. 

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